Partnership with WCN

Saja is proud to announce its partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN).

WCN protects endangered wildlife by supporting conservationists who ensure wildlife and people coexist and thrive.

Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) was founded on the premise that one person can truly make a difference for wildlife. Since its inception, WCN’s objective has been to equip effective conservationists with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Saja Enterprises LLC is proud to have a partnership with the WCN and have its charitable donations specifically go to the Lion Recovery Fund (LRF).

LRF is a collaborative granting initiative created by the WCN in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Disney with a bold vision to double the number of lions in Africa, bringing back the half we have lost. The LRF is managed by WCN and draws on a coalition of advisors with expertise in conservation and philanthropy to guide grantmaking and ensure that decisions are rooted in sound science and financial integrity. 

Our Strategy to Save Lions – Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (VIDEO)

Protect our Pride (Disney) – Narrated by Jon Favreau (VIDEO)

To date, Saja Enterprises LLC has donated $10,000 to the cause for the lions. (Q4 2021)