I.P.A. Certifications Now Available!

Are you an Influencer, Promoter, or Artist? For a limited time, Saja is offering discounted Saja Seal for you. To earn a Saja Seal, marketers are fully doxxed, vetted and work-product verified. Please complete an application and raise your credibility and visibility.

The Saja Seal is an exclusive service tailored specifically to the entertainment industry! We offer the Influencer/Promoter/Artist (IPA) security audit to create an additional layer of safeguard for investors and development teams while also promoting the services of effective and legitimate IPAs. Investors and development teams, alike, have grown weary of falling victim to scams, misrepresentations, and/or dissatisfactory work-product. Saja’s multi-level service includes background and security vetting and a thorough audit of an IPA. Upon completion of the audit, Saja delivers a detailed report accompanied by a grade and color seal (brown-poor, silver-good, gold-most secure), as well as possible solutions to remediate any identified vulnerabilities not meeting or exceeding standard.

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