#Saja was created not only as a charity token but also a means of educating and protecting the crypto community from scammers and potential rug pull projects. Our innovative utility will identify scams, and warn investors before they are victimized. Get excited to join the Saja Pride!

About Us

The word SAJA stands for lion in the Korean language. We support lions and everything that they represent. SAJA reflects strength, leadership, and loyalty. This project was created not only as a charity token, but also as a means of protection for the crypto community from scammers and potential rug pull projects.

SAJA aims to protect lions on the global scale by partnering with various organizations supporting the lion conservation effort. We have begun a partnership with the WCN, which is the parent organization for the Lion Recovery Fund. SAJA will focus on supporting other organizations as well, hoping to initiate action to conserve and safeguard lion habitats through the process of rescue and recovery.

The SAJA pride benefits when they invest in SAJA. Our project will aim to protect investors from scams and rug pulls with our innovative utility application known as the SAJA Defender. The SAJA Defender will identify scam tokens, and warn investors before they are duped.

We hope you join us on our mission to help protect the lions, and most importantly, to help protect each other!

Project Highlights

  • Multi-Sig – Marketing, Charity, & Dev Wallets
  • Doxxed Team
  • Daily Updates from Dev Team
  • Donations to Charities
  • No Large Team Wallets
  • Tokenomics Split 50/50 Between Project and Holders
  • Anti-Whale Dump Function Added to Contract to Promote Steady Growth and Protect our Holders
  • Community Driven
  • Registered as LLC

Latest News



New Contract Address



How to Buy SAJA (SJA)

1. Register Ethereum account via MetaMask (Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet will work as well)

2. Load your account with ETH

3. Go to Uniswap

4. Set slippage 3% and change the last 2 digits of the SJA amount to 99.(For example, if you are purchasing SJA in the amount of 100,000,000,394.333 change it to 100,000,000,394.399)

5. Click Swap and Confirm

Etherscan: 0x646a764b4afca56002956b7157cdcbe98b91bee1

***DO NOT BUY FROM OUR OLD CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x698c6ac9ca5f16cabc5a636d3a619329c0958cba ****


Saja (SJA) Buying Guide